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Ontario: Ingersoll, London, Woodstock, Tillsonburg

Days / Afternoons / Midnights

  • Prerequisites
    • No criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted
    • Successful completion of company medical
    • Local vehicle travel as required
  • Reports To
    • Lead inspector
  • Department
    • Quality Services
  • Budget Responsibility
    • No purchase authorization
  • General Responsibilities
    • Be aware of the requirements of the CVP package
    • Have an understanding of how to operate Vantage scanners
    • Understanding of ergonomics as it relates to setup and work cell flow
    • Understand the requirements of the Company‚Äôs General Rules and Regulations
    • All other related duties as required
  • Direct Responsibilities
    • Diligence and accuracy to work instruction parameters
    • Notify Lead Inspector/ Supervisor immediately if you are not able to follow the Work Instructions as they appear ie. broken/ Participate in sorts and rework etc. as required as per work instructions in an efficient manner
    • Work assignments are performed in a safe and efficient manner and practice 5S
    • Ensure a safe work environment for fellow Team Members
    • Forward suggestions for continuous improvement to Lead Inspector/ Supervisor
  • Hazards/PPE
    • Lift Truck traffic
    • Warehouse related atmosphere
    • CSA approved safety shoes
    • CSA approved vest
    • PPE as required by Company policies, procedures and practices